Veggie Samosa (V) $6

Deep fried pastry with a spiced potato and pea filling.

Mixed Pakora (V) $8

Deep-fried fritters add with onions batter mixed with veggies.

Mango Chicken $9

Boneless grilled chicken cooked in special mango sauce.

Paani Puri $7

Ball shaped crispy hollow puri, filled with a mixture of flavored water, tamarind chutney, chili…

Bombay Bhel $7

Bombay style bhel mixed with onion, tomatoes, mint leaves, and mixed with authentic chutney.

Samosa Chaat $8

Veggie samosa mixed with chickpeas, potatoes, onions, and tomatoes topped with yogurt and spicy sauce.

Bun Kebab $9

A shami kebab dipped in egg and fried topped with fresh bun and chutney.


Chicken Tikka Masala $18

Spice roasted chicken cubes simmered in a slow-cooked tomato cream sauce.

Butter Chicken $18

Tender boneless chicken cooked in a rich creamy and butter-based tomato sauce.

Lamb Roganjosh $19

Boneless lamb cooked in homestyle Indian curry sauce.

Goat Karahi $22

Freshly diced tomatoes, ginger, and garlic cooked with bone meat.

Chicken Karahi $19

Freshly diced tomatoes, ginger, and garlic cooked with chicken.

Nihari $18

Beef shank  slowly simmered overnight in herbs and spices.

Daal Gosht $16

Homestyle yellow lentil curry cooked with fresh goat meat.

Palak Gosht $16

Freshly cut spinach cooked with goat meat.

Shrimp Masala $22

Tender shrimp cooked in a rich tomato cream sauce.


Chicken Tandoori $18

Bone-chicken marinated in yogurt and mild tandoori spices.

Chicken Tikka Boti $18

Marinated chicken breast with Yogurt, Ginger garlic and Spices

Chicken Seekh Kabab $17

Ground lamb blended with special spices and herbs.

Tawa Platter $42

Sizzling chapli kebab, chicken tandoori, chicken tikka boti, beef seekh kebab, and tandoori shrimp.

Beef Seekh Kebab $19

Ground beef blended with special spices and herbs

Lamb Seekh Kabab $18

Ground lamb mixed with special spices and herbs.

Behari Kebab $19

Thin sliced boneless beef marinated in authentic Pakistani sauce.

Chapli Kebab $19

Spicy ground beef patty mixed with ginger, garlic, onions, and cilantro sauce.

Tandoori Shrimp $24

Grilled jumbo shrimp, marinated in herbs and tandoori spices.


Tandoori Roti $3

Leavened thin white bread baked in the tandoor.

Plain Naan $3

Leavened white bread baked in the tandoor.

Garlic Naan $4

Tandoori naan topped with garlic and coriander.

Paratha $5

Buttered, layered whole wheat bread


Plain Rice $7

Plain long-grain basmati rice.

Chicken Biryani $18

Tender marinated chicken served over basmati rice

Goat Biryani $22

Goat in a lightly spiced sauce, with herbs, baked with basmati rice


Bombay Sabzi $16

A vegetables seared and immersed with a blend of aromatic spices herbs

Daal Fry $15

Yellow lentils, tomatoes, onions & spices

Paneer Tikka Masala $16

marinated pieces of paneer cooked with tomato based creamy curry.

Chana Masala $15

Boiled Chickpea cooked with rich yellow gravy

Saag Paneer $16

16   spinach cooked in a creamy sauce of and garnished with fresh cilantro


Chicken Nuggets $6


Chicken Tenders $6

Chicken tenders with dipping sauce


Tea ¾ $3

Hot blend of tea leaves and milk.

Zephyr water $4


Lassi $5

Sweet Lassi, mango lassi, or salty lassi.

Soda $3

Soft drinks


Shahi Falooda $5

made with vermicelli, jelly, rose syrup, sabja seeds, milk and ice cream.

Gulab Jaman (3) $5

Fried cheese balls, in sugar syrup flavored with saffron.


ice cream made with thickened milk, sugar,kesar and pista.

Ras Malai (3) $6

sweet cottage cheese dumplings drenched in a creamy rosewater milk sauce.