About Us

Tawa modern indo-pak cuisine is the perfect destination for anyone who wants to enjoy some delicious food while they’re visiting Orlando. Whether you go during one of our many daily lunchtime specials, order takeout from our secret menu (available only after ordered).

A variety restaurant can be found within driving distance including SeaWorld and Universal Studios which means endless hours spent exploring theme parks before dinner time rolls around again later tonight…

Fastest delivery on
your door step

A new look on
the right food!

The use of natural
best quality products

World’s best Chef
and Nutritionist!


Behind the taste

Melissa Alexandra Melissa Alexandra
Melissa Alexandra

Executive Chef

William Huffington William Huffington
William Huffington

Food Manager

Jonathan Rodriguez Jonathan Rodriguez
Jonathan Rodriguez

Founder & CEO

Santiago Giménez Santiago Giménez
Santiago Giménez

Bar Manager


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